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Regional geological setting 
- Plate Tectonics

- The Tectonic setting 

   of Cyprus

Geology of Cyprus
- Introduction

- The geological structure 

   of Cyprus

- The Troodos Ophiolite

- The Autochhonus 

   sedimentary rocks

- The Pentadaktilos zone
- The Mamonia zone

- The mineral and

  groundwater resources

- The geological evolution 

   of Cyprus

The mineral resources of Cyprus
- Introduction
- Asbestos
- Chromite
- Sulphides
- Gypsum
- Aggregates
- Clays
- Bentonite

- Raw materials for the

  cement industry

- Lime
- Building stone
- Natural pigments
- Magnesite
- Other minerals
The Aquifers of Cyprus
- Introduction

- General classifications 

  of the Aquifers in Cyprus

- The main Aquifers 

  of Cyprus

- Pollution of groundwater
- The water cycle
The seismicity of Cyprus
- Intorduction

- The seismicity of the

  Cyprus region

- Historical records and

  instrumental recordings 

  of earthquakes

- Earthquake vulnerable


- Antiseismic preparedness

  and protection

- The seismological station
Enviromental issues
- Introduction
- Environment

- The geological

  environment in Cyprus

- Examples of impacts 

  on the geological


Geotechnical hazards
- Introduction
- Geotechnical hazards
- Introduction
- Geoforms in Cyprus
- “Gypsum Cave”

Cyprus geological heritage educational tool

The main aim of this project has been to promote awareness of the geological history of Cyprus among all the island’s communities and foster a sense of shared geological heritage. In order to do so, we have worked on creating a database with information on the most significant geological sites; developing user-friendly tools that will provide information and knowledge to anyone interested; and disseminating this knowledge as widely as possible.


The publication of all the information on the internet and the use of English, in addition to Greek and Turkish, have helped to expand the reach of the project even further and to provide the opportunity for all people interested – no matter where they live – to access important information and build on their knowledge about the geology of Cyprus.


As we move into the dissemination phase, we welcome the involvement and support of groups who would like to work with us on this project and on helping promote environmental awareness all over the island.


Unit of Environmental Studies

Research & Development Center-Intercollege




With support from the 
Bi-communal Development Programme
funded by USAID and UNDP 
and executed by UNOPS




Geological Map of Cyprus

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Cyprus geological heritage educational tool CD-Rom.

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