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According to the Environment Service, the environment can be considered as what includes the waters, the atmosphere and the soil, together with the organisms living in or on them. Our environment consists of natural systems, which have operated in a delicate balance for a long period of time. Although we can manipulate many natural systems, there are often many unforeseen consequences. Natural systems adjust to artificial changes in ways that cannot always be anticipated. The basis of our entire environment is the geological system. It is a complex system that includes soils, rocks and minerals, surface waters and groundwaters.


Early civilised Man’s impact on the geological system or environment was very small and could normally be obliterated through the action of geologic processes. However, as the population increased and scientific and technological advancements were achieved, the need for housing, food, raw materials and other commodities started causing larger and more permanent impacts on the geological environment to the extent that geological processes could not restore it.



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