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Raw materials for the cement industry


Raw materials for the manufacture of cement (Fig. 14) comprise chalk or low magnesium limestone, marl or clay and minor gypsum.  These are all widely available in Cyprus.  Cement manufacture in Cyprus dates from 1953, when the Cyprus Cement Company Ltd was granted a license for development near to Moni village.  The Vasiliko Cement Works Ltd was established later in the mid-1960s.


Chalk of the Lefkara Formation has been intensively exploited as the bulk of raw material for the cement industry with the cement factories located near to the quarries.  Marl, used as a component in cement manufacture, is exploited from thick deposits located near to the coast, south of Mari village.  These deposits supply both cement factories.  The marl is excavated in large benched quarries and transported directly to the factories for processing.



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