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Clays suitable for brick and tile manufacture are sourced from sedimentary deposits of the Nicosia Formation, from river deposits and from altered and weathered igneous rocks of the Troodos Ophiolite.  The Pliocene sediments of the Nicosia Formation, the alluvial deposits of the Pedieos River (around Mia Milia village) as well as the erosion material from the Kythrea Formation are today the main source of clay for the brick and tile industry in Cyprus.


Clay is a natural material with plastic properties.  Depending on the ratio between aluminium, silicon and water, clays are divided into various groups.  The main groups are the kaolinites, montmorillonites and illites.  They are derived from the erosion of silicate rocks.  The erosion material is transported by water and laid down either in rivers, lakes or seabeds.



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