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The Mamonia Zone

 The Mamonia Zone is also referred to in the geological bibliography as the Mamonia Complex.  The name is derived from the village of Mamonia in Paphos, where classic outcrops of the Zone occur.  It consists of a series of volcanic, sedimentary and, in smaller proportions, metamorphic rocks of Middle Triassic to Upper Cretaceous age (230–75 Ma ago).  It includes: (a) volcanic (lavas) and sedimentary rocks (recrystallised limestones) of the Dhiarizos Group; (b) pelagic sedimentary rocks (limestones, mudstones and quartzitic sandstones) of the Ayios Photios Group (Fig. 5); and, (c) metamorphic rocks (schists and marbles) of the Ayia Varvara Group (these rocks were derived from the metamorphism of the Dhiarizos Group.  

 The rocks of the Mamonia Zone have been intensely deformed and mixed with large fragments of the Troodos Ophiolite rocks.


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