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The Pentadaktylos Zone

 The three main geological formations (Triassic–Lower Cretaceous, between 250–135 Ma) are the Dhikomo, Sykhari and Hilarion Formations, which form the main carbonate masses of the Kyrenia Range.  The Dhikomo Formation consists of deformed thinly bedded limestones with layers of grey and green phyllites.  The Sykhari Formation is composed of massive to thickly bedded dolomitic limestones.  The Hilarion Formation consists of medium-bedded to massive limestones, which were subjected to a very low degree of metamorphism.  These formations were placed southward over the younger autochthonous marine sediments, which are known as the Lapithos, Kalogrea-Ardana (Belapais) and Kythrea Formations.  Impressive and continuous outcrops of limestones occur in the central part of the range, whereas in the eastern part occur in the form of olistholiths over the younger sediments.  These limestones (olistholiths) are referred to as the Kantara Formation (Permian–Carboniferous, 350–250 Ma).


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